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  These volumes are Extreme, Graphic, and Shocking! With the most bizarre face piercing found through Asia.
Watch these men and women get pierced and put the most unusual objects through there cheeks and face.
Most all rituals have never been seen and are exposed for the first time.
Do not watch these videos if you have a weak heart or pregnant!
Banned on television and most foreign countries.
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Our Mission

Brent Madden Productions specializes in footage, stock footage, underwater footage and footage from the bizarre to the abnormal. Brent Madden footage contain Asian weird rituals, weird footage, gore footage, extreme footage, extreme shock face piercing footage, new age primitive ritual footage, fire walking footage, self mutilation footage, extreme savage footage, weird and strange tattoo footage, bug eating footage, bizarre shocking weird strange footage and extreme medical footage, shocking strange footage and weird conjoined twins footage, shocking extreme body parts footage, skeletons footage, weird body parts footage, heads in jars footage, strange shocking weird and bizarre death footage, bizarre footage collections, footage from around the entire world to bring my viewers the most shocking. Bizarre, weird, strange Asian rituals footage and never seen before footage, mummy footage, bizarre strange shocking animal footage, long neck women footage, opium museum footage, smoking opium footage. Brent promises to bring his footage viewer the most bizarre, extreme, weird, strange and never seen before rituals from around the secret hidden world.