THREE NEW BOOKS written by Brent Madden!



The book "Adventures of a Cameraman represents 10 years of documentary film making from the exotic cities to the raw jungles throughout South East Asia. All stories are true adventures of my life and stylized camera work on assignment in Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines and Malaysia. This book will revile all my research and locations of all my exotic adventures, a must have book in the travel world, complete with pictures for the non-believer of the story content.

"Adventures of a Cameraman"

On sale now! Book CD format (computer CD read in Acrobat Reader)

$29.95 each book CD, over 350 pages

a picture book and stories of my travels in South East Asia



The Backpacker's Guide to South East Asia "Adventure Thailand" The Exotic Road to Adventure Travel in Thailand; For the Mind, Body and a whole lot of Soul…
Adventure Bound to Thailand's Center, South, North, and North East with true stories and encounters from travelers from all over the world! Exclusive: Thailand's exotic golf club section!

The NUMBER ONE must have book:

for the 'Traveling Backpacker', on adventure travel and fun throughout Thailand's Exotic; Kingdom of a million smiles.

"The Backpackers Guide to South East Asia" -Adventure Thailand-

the information highway for the 'backpacking Cult'

On sale now! Book CD format (computer CD read in Acrobat Reader)

$29.95 each book CD, over 300 pages of great information!



"Travel Rules for the Average Guy"

-How to pick up Asian chicks the easy way-

the information highway for the single guy

On sale now! Book CD format (computer CD read in Acrobat Reader)

$29.95 each book CD, over 300 pages of great information!

Already in production, these book CD's (computer book, read with Acrobat Reader) will be available in the Spring of 2005

These adventure books are a must for the mild tourist to the extreme traveler! It includes my personal experience's I have encountered while filming my series "The Strange and  Exotic World of Asia". A visual pictorial story book (Adventures of a Cameraman) based on information gained while producing and directing adventure films. I describe step by step how and where to find locations and first time information never before reveled of my secret encounters.

These books will be an important travel tool and location guide for the adventure traveler

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