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Brent Madden, is a documentary producer, director and cameraman specializing in underwater video, film and photography. Brent has developed an extremely compact and lightweight broadcast underwater video package and lighting system, vital to any water location and travel conditions around the world.

Underwater segment credits include: Palau’s jelly fish lake, “Yap the Kingdom of the Mantas” for Nippon Television, “Secerts of Phang Nga Bay”, “Creatures of the Amazon” for ABC, “Gangsters on Scuba” for ABC, “The dive tribe” a documentary also produced by Brent, nominated for the Media Access Award for underwater photography, “Secrets of the Sacred Wells”, “Wreck of the Mantanceros” and “Hawaii, the King of Kings” for ABC and the BBC,” “Outdoor Life” the Channel Islands physically challenged segments, CNN News, KCET Santa Barbara, the channel Island segments, Thailand’s “River of Life”, “Cozumel the Jewel of the Yucatan”, and “Cabo San Lucas, land's end".

Brent, a true life adventure, is a 27 plus year member of Bill Burrud Productions famed wildlife and adventure documentary film and video crew, and was the right hand associate of the late Bill Burrud. He Resumes a long and successful career encompassing the fields of true life adventure and documentary film and video productions.

Brent’s initial entry into this specialized field was through Bill Burrud Productions, with the network series, “Animal World”, “Wildlife Adventure”, “Adventure World”, “Animal Odyssey”, the award winning “Big Six” one hour nature documentaries, “New Animal World” for the Discovery Channel, “Animal Bloopers”, the series for Dick Clark Productions, the “Wild Thing”, for the discovery Channel. His next assignment was location field producer on “Return to Tarawa”, a 2 hour pilot special for the Discovery Channel. Brent continued his production career as production designed, location coordinator and adventure cameraman on the new “Treasure” series for Grey Advertising. Brent was an action cameraman for “Thrill Masters”, a hot action stunt program for ESPN Sports. Also cameraman on the successful Kenny Kingston’s Psychic Hotline one hour infomercials and Joe Weider’s “Flex Master” one hour infomercials. Location and props coordinator on “Could it be a Miracle”, a syndicated series for Franklin Waterman Productions. As art director he worked such feature as “Fatal Exposure”, “Masai Warrior”, “Calls of Kilimajaro”, Peter Gaulke’s “Strange Wilderness” for the Comedy Channel, the on going one hour specials “Beyond Bizarre” which Brent also serves as a field producer and cameraman for the Discovery Channel. Brent was brought on as field producer and cameraman, shooting digital video on land and underwater for the world famous Sandals Resorts throughout the Caribbean and the West Indies.

Brent’s newest project is filming on exotic Asia and amazing Thailand, called “Adventure Thailand” for REAL TV, Discovery Networks including Animal Planet, The Learning Channel, and The Discovery Channel. Guinness Book of World Records, Why In The World Do They Do That for USA Networks, Weird World, and Ripley’s Believe it or Not. With his unique camera style, Brent brings the television viewer up front and off the beaten trail in search of exciting feature stories in isolated locales with promises of high adventure in little-known spots of mystery, intrigue, and wonder.  
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